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By October 14, 2008, your dialysis program must be in compliance with Part 494 Conditions for Coverage for End-Stage Renal Disease facilities.

Will your facility be ready?

CMS recommends that each unit do the following:

Read the Final Rule document (625 pages);

Review current practice & policies, changing them where necessary to be in compliance with the new Conditions;

Identify staffing, practice, equipment, & training needs;

Develop documentation tools to match the new rules (logs, audit tools, chart forms).

Need help?

CBE Dialysis Consulting can make it all less overwhelming. Our workbook, 2008 CMS ESRD Conditions for Coverage: Compliance Workbook, provides step-by-step guidance for revising facility policies and procedures, pointing out significant differences between the old and new regulatory language.

In addition, there is an extensive self-survey tool you can use to check that your unit is in compliance with the new Conditions. That tool includes interview questionnaires to be used for staff and patients, helping you assure that practice matches policy in key areas.

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